A warm welcome to Christian

We are happy to welcome Brian’s son Christian who has agreed to carry on the great work begun by his father in 1975 managing The Suzy Fund. Brian achieved his goal of raising £1,000,000 and the work continues. 

A Six-month update on The Destitute Orphans & Elders Project for The Suzy Fund

Summary of the Project Within Ethiopia, over five million children - around 12% of Ethiopia’s total child population - are categorised as orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) (Save the Children, 2010).  Poverty and deaths of parents due to disease, armed conflict, recurrent drought and its subsequent food shortage/famine are all responsible factors. Ethiopia holds one of the largest populations of orphan and vulnerable children in the world. It is estimated that between 40-60% of orphans live in grandparent-headed households, who often have insufficient sources of income. These elders face many difficulties in meeting their own basic needs, let alone those of their families. Many of Ethiopia’s four million people over the age of 60 have no access to a state pension and were unable to save for their old age. If they have no family to support them, or they are caring for an orphaned relative, their only other option is to live and beg on the streets. Furthermore, many elders are living with chronic health conditions – some serious others more mild, but all debilitating. Thanks to the generous funding of The Suzy Fund, Ethiopiaid and DEWADA have been able to provide elderly people and their vulnerable dependents with a package of tailored welfare support.  We have been able to address these needs and ensure that the elders are well-cared for and that children are able to obtain an education and make a brighter future for themselves. Project Activities   In the last 6 months, 100 orphans and their elderly caregivers have been receiving a monthly payment of 100 Birr (around £3.50). The other 100 children have been...

Another successful week!

After a lovely time in Alnmouth we are able to send £550 to Suzy, that’s 5,500 meals, despite two wet days when visitors stayed cosy at home. Thanks to everyone in our ‘family’ team. Already planning next year. Many thanks to the North East & Glasgow branch (below)...

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